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Math & Our Community


Math is a thing absolutely necessary in innumerable fields of study, professions, and every-day situations. Unfortunately, amongst many students, such a universal necessity has come to be seen as irrelevant, even useless.Math and Our Communitywill bring together both students who enjoy math and those who are skeptical of its application. It will, with the aid of several guest speakers, introduce to students real-world, current, and practical uses for mathematicswhether it be algebraic, statistic, calculus, or trigonometry-based. It will be a group of students who will help one another, who will learn together, and who will engage in mathematics not as a monotonous, academic ritual, but as a genuinely enjoyable practice, wherein the more realistic whole of a subject is discovered. Over time,Math and Our Communityhopes to change the general perception students have of mathematics, and give insight to a subject that is commonly misregarded. Ultimately, this will improve the students understanding of mathematical concepts, and allow him/her to pursue any mathematical agendum without the discouragement and mental-blockade of a negative disposition.
15 People | 20 Impacts | 65 Hours




Seeking Help:
Looking for someone who has time to tutor math either on, the Leominster or Gardner campus? The ideal days would be Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays? Thank you.