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Green Society


The propose of this organization is to increase awareness to members through further participation of education outside the classroom, to stimulate interest in the greenhouse and the Natural Resource program within the college and to the community, and to promote and develop ideas for the interest and welfare of the greenhouse and Natural Resource curriculum at the College. Membership is open to all MWCC students, faculty and alumni.
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Hello Professor Montagno,

I am a staff member that joined the Green Society back in February 2017 but due to schedule changes and my part time status, I have yet to be able to attend a meeting. I have curated library exhibits on the subject of sustainability of food systems, agriculture, and coastal ecology. I'm not sure if this qualifies for any impact. I would like to be more involved, but I am not sure when the Society meets. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

Thank you,

Christine Levitt, Librarian, LaChance Library, MWCC x 9286,